Bronze age dating

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It looks like Cretan won on this occasion, we know the Carans changed sides and may have aligned themselves with Mycenaean to subsequently seized control of what remained of the Minoan empire.

The seal may record the demise of the Minoan empire.

It's a scene that conjures the sweeping and epic battles, larger-than-life heroes and grand adventures of Homer's "The Iliad," the epic Greek poem that immortalized a mythological decade-long war between the Trojan and Mycenaean kingdoms.

Also, note a secondary club on the belt that was known to be used by Minoans see Baal and the dispatch of an adversary with an unusually powerful club (e.g. Others have speculated this is a scabbard, but the one on the floor clearly shows this was detached and held in hand for some purpose and maybe a secondary/combination weapon.

The figure on the right I believe is a Caran hoplite that lived on Delos (centre of the Cyclades) and another adjacent island.

"It's brought some people to tears." Davis and Stocker say the Pylos Combat Agate's craftsmanship and exquisite detail make it the finest discovered work of glyptic art produced in the Aegean Bronze Age.

"What is fascinating is that the representation of the human body is at a level of detail and musculature that one doesn't find again until the classical period of Greek art 1,000 years later," explained Davis.

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